Tizzie Hall has gained an international reputation as a baby whisperer and miracle worker. Even from an early age, Tizzie knew how to read babies' body language and cries, and from that auspicious beginning she has developed a series of sleep routines that have provided parents and babies with a good night's sleep the world over.

Based on the routines from the bestselling series of books, the Save Our Sleep® app will help parents overcome sleep deprivation. It provides specific routines for sleeping and feeding for all stages from newborns to two years.



-- Determine which routine your baby should be on based on weight and age

-- Automatically notifies you when your baby needs to move up a routine

-- Customised notifications to keep you and your baby on track

-- Support for multiple children

-- Find out when and where you can meet Tizzie and the team

-- iPad support 


-- Chart your baby's weight, sleep and feed cycles

-- Add photos of your baby

-- Keep detailed notes on your baby's weight, feed and sleep cycles

-- Share progress with other parents

-- Support for twins

-- iCloud sync / data export

The Save Our Sleep® app is a must-have for all new parents. Practising Tizzie's routines is the solution to having a baby who will sleep through the night!