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Getting out and about on a baby routine

It is very important that you still get out and about while following a baby routine. In my routine when I tell you to put your baby down for a sleep in his cot it is alright to put him in the pram or buggy instead and go out for a walk. When you are a new parent it is very important you don't stay home all day and feel isolated.

Some of my parents make it a habit each day to put their baby in the pram at the 9am or 1pm sleep and go for a walk. They walk to a cafe, have breakfast or lunch and then walk home again for the 11am feed. Then when their baby gets older they will walk earlier and give their baby solids at the cafe.

From my experience I have seen that the more fresh air and daylight babies get the better they seem to sleep at night. I believe this may be the reason my parents put all of us down the end of the garden for all of our sleeps in the day! So please don't feel you have to stay home because you have a Tizzie baby.

Since writing the above I have found out that Dr Yvonne Harrison led a study at the Liverpool John Moores University in the UK and found that babies sleep longer when exposed to plenty of light in the afternoon. Go to the top

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